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                        FOX Alumina Catalyst Bed Support Media

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                        20 MM Balls

                        FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media is offered in a wide variety of alumina and silica-alumina ceramic formulas. Used in petrochemical, refining, and chemical plants all over the world, FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media provides excellent resistance to erosion and attrition, and will minimize the threat of catalyst contamination. In addition, it won’t plug your bed or catalyst—which increases the performance of your reactor. When plugging is prevented, you can keep your pressure drop low and your catalyst activity high.

                        Whatever your engineered inert catalyst bed support needs, FOX can help. We offer a wide array of reactor internals and peripherals, including scrubbers, Raschig Rings for distillation columns, burner blocks, Pall rings, alumina ceramic saddles for gas liquid absorption, cover slabs, insulating firebrick, alumina Balls for absorption towers, mass transfer media, heat exchange media, plastic teller Rosette rings, alumina hex tiles,ceramic balls, activated alumina, and inert alumina balls for ammonia. All designed for high thermal shock resistance and to help you control your pressure drop.

                        Catalyst Alumina Balls
                        Description Properties
                        Shape Spherical
                        Composition Alumina Oxide 90%, 92%, 95%, 99%
                        Color White
                        BALL SIZES BALL SIZES
                        3 mm (1/8″) 30 mm (1-1/4)
                        6 mm (1/4″) 40 mm (1-1/8)
                        12mm (1/2″) 50 mm (2″)
                        20mm (3/8″) upto 90 mm(3-1/2″)
                        25mm (1′) special sizes available on request

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                        MIll Liner Brick Specification
                        AI203 (%) ≥ 92 ≥ 95 ≥ 97 ≥ 99.5
                        Specific Density (g/cm) 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
                        Porosity (%) ≤ 5% ≤ 5% ≤ 5% ≤ 5%
                        Bulk Density (g/cm3) ≥ 2.18 ≥ 2.18 ≥ 2.18 ≥ 2.18
                        Thermal Stability 1400c 1400c 1400c 1400c
                        Heat Capacity 003 Cal/g C @ 700C 003 Cal/g C @ 700C 003 Cal/g C @ 700C 003 Cal/g C @ 700C

                        Fox offers a wide arrey of alumina internals including pipe, hoppers and chutes.

                        FOX products are supported by global sales, laboratories and customer service professionals.

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